Gregory L. Zarcoff, Printer
In recent years my suppliers have
invested in the finest and most modern
presses making it possible to deliver some
of the best printing in the world. An
example of this is the Heidelberg 8-unit
Speedmaster 102 shown at right. This
press, which is installed at one of my
prime suppliers, is a versatile piece of
equipment allowing for various perfecting
configurations, in-line varnishes, and extra
spot colors.

This press is controlled by the Heidelberg
CP2000 press control system which allows
for extremely tight control of all press
functions as well as efficient automation
of many makeready procedures to
dramatically cut setup times. For example,
diagonal register on the 102 is controlled
from the CP2000 enabling register
corrections of +/- 2 mm in circumferential
and lateral directions and +/- 1 mm on the
diagonal. When one unit of the press is to
be used for in-line coating, the 102's
advanced roller system enables the screen
roller to be changed within as little as
three to four minutes.

I am your Motivated Manufacturing
I am open to finding new ways of
doing things. I have a particular expertise
in dealing with impossible challenges. Many
of my existing clients regard me as an
extension of their own manufacturing and
production staffs.

zarcoff@earthlink.net - 702.458.7782- 5204 Mineral Lake Drive, Las Vegas NV. 89122